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Men's Journal September 2010

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Rules

RULES for “Visiting the 48 State Drive”

I’ve always said that abiding by the original Guinness rules for this event is the only thing that keeps 48 State Drive legitimate and pure. Anything short of these rules degrades the event and diminishes the accomplishment. Not having witnesses, not having photographic proof and MOST OF ALL USING THREE DRIVERS is an insult to all who have attempted to or who have broken the record.
I’m in hopes that by posting these rules, those who follow us, those who attempt to break our 1999 record of 104 and 15 minutes, OR MORE IMPORTANTLY, the record we are about to set in June, 2010, will observe and abide by these rules, if only to keep the record pure.
- Jay Lowe

Guinness may not “presently” be publishing this event, but rumor has it they may once again open their book to the 48 State Drive. Anything short of abiding by these rules is “pretending” to attempt to break the record and their submission to Guinness to acknowledge their time would be DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

The rules for this event as presented to our team by letter dated August 24, 1993, by Mark Young, Editorial Assistant, U.S. Edition

1. The vehicle must visit every one of the 48 states of the United States of America (every state but Alaska and Hawaii).
2. The start must be authenticated by an independent witness and the time, place and odometer reading confirmed. The finish line must be similarly authenticated and the same details confirmed.
3. ** To prove that seed limits have been adhered to, a tachograph must be used.
NOTE – As of August 24, 1993, Guinness allowed Rule no. 3” to no longer be required, per a document sent to Mr. Jay Lowe by Mark Young, Editorial Assistant, U.S. Edition, dated that same date
4. ** A photographic record must be kept showing the boundary sign or prominent landmarks and the mileometer reading on the same photograph by use of a data back camera, by taking consecutive shot on the same strip of film.
NOTE – On May 1, 2004, a GPS system of tracking the entire route, including the date and time throughout the tracking plot, was allowed. IMPORTANT – This does not replace the requirements for photos, but allowed a digital camera to be used with date and time on each picture that perfectly coordinates with the GPS tracking plot and the necessary logs.
5. The crew should consist of two drives and a navigator. The navigator is not allowed to drive. All three must stay with the vehicle throughout the attempt. No substitutes will be allowed en route.
6. Required is a signed and dated log showing that the attempt has been the subject of unremitting surveillance. This should be filled in by the driver and signed by independent witnesses.
7. Required is a signed statement of authenticity by two independent persons of outstanding in the community.
8. Independent corroboration in the form of local or national newspaper or news medium should be established.
9. Photographs should be in color.

1 comment:

  1. Hmmmmm -

    1. No problem.
    2. I can understand having witnesses sign the logbook at the beginning and end. Question: is the 'official' time determined by when the witness signs the book, or by the gps record/time stamp on the photographic evidence?
    3. Glad they got rid of THAT rule......
    4. Ok - we plan on using a digital camera and a gps data logger with the camera synced to the logger so we geotag the photos. I assume this is acceptable.
    5. Ok on just two drivers. If one carries a navigator, how does one 'prove' the navigator didn't take a turn at the wheel? Any reason the team can't consist of just two drivers and a gps navigator?
    6. What in the heck is "unremitting surveillance"?
    7. - 9. Okay.

    Just fyi - we're leaving on the 21st (another week and a half) and hope to get the time down to 100 hrs. Sounds like whatever 'record' we set will be short lived. You guys be safe.